A Single Place to Manage Privacy Risk

Comprehensive and Integrated Privacy Management Platform

Readiness & Accountability

PIA & DPIA Automation

Data Mapping Automation

Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance

Subject Access Request Portal

Consent Management

Vendor Risk Management

Incident & Breach Management

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Demonstrate Compliance & Accountability

Readiness & Accountability Tool

Benchmark your organizational readiness for GDPR with questionnaires, prioritize requirements for compliance, provide executive-level visibility with detailed reports, and demonstrate accountability in the event of a regulatory sweep.

GDPR Articles 5 & 24

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OneTrust Readiness Assessment
OneTrust PIA & DPIA Automation

Operationalize Your Privacy Program

PIA & DPIA Automation

Choose from numerous pre-defined screening and DPIA questionnaires, or import and tailor your own. Configure risk tracking workflows, distribute questionnaires to business users, and collect and analyze risks. Easily assign follow up tasks and generate the appropriate record keeping requirements.

GDPR Articles 25, 35 & 36

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Generate a Processing Register for Article 30

Data Mapping Automation

Populate the data flow inventory through questionnaires, scanning technologies, in person workshops or through a bulk import. Once populated, automatically generate a searchable and evergreen inventory and visual cross-border maps based on the underlying data inventory.

GDPR Articles 30 & 32

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OneTrust Data Mapping Automation
OneTrust Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance

Meet ePrivacy Regulation Requirements

Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance

Conduct ongoing scans of all your websites and automatically categorize any cookies and tracking technologies against a database of 5.5M cookies. Easily manage visitor consent and preferences with a highly customizable cookie banner and policy generator.

GDPR Articles 7, 21 & ePrivacy Directive Draft Regulation

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Enable Users to Request Their Personal Data

Subject Access Request Portal

Capture data subject requests directly within a branded web form directly linked from company privacy policy. Maintain records of fulfilling the requests, link it to your underlying data map, and generate the proper documentation in case of regulator inquiry.

GDPR Articles 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21

OneTrust Subject Access Request Portal

Demonstrate Consent Compliance

Consent Management

Embed consent management directly into your organization’s website, devices and internal systems by capturing transactions in a standardized way. Provide access to data subjects to allow withdrawal, and maintain internal records of consent.

GDPR Article 7

Review and Remediate Vendor Risks

Vendor Risk Management

Conduct vendor due diligence during the initial onboarding phase as well as re-audit on a risk based schedule. Send vendor assessment questionnaires directly to the third part to complete and create a central record of all your vendors and proper security obligations.

GDPR Articles 28(1), 24(1), 29 & 46(1)

Prepare an Incident Notification Workflow

Incident & Breach Management

Build a systematic process to document the incident, understand if it’s resulted in a breach, analyze harm to the individual and determine if a notification to the supervisory authority or the data subject.

GDPR Articles 33 & 34

How We're Different

Most Powerful and Easy to Use Technology

Most Comprehensive Offering of Technology Modules

Software you can grow into, not out of with a modular and integrated platform with the largest engineering team in privacy management

Most Flexible and Easy to Use Software

Simple point and click interface to easily customize questionnaires, reports and settings creates the most flexible data mapping solution in the industry

Mature and Scalable Platform Used by 1,000+ Organizations

Mature product architecture making it easy to manage matrixed organizations across legal entities, M&A activity, and business groups

True Deployment Flexibility in EU Cloud or On-Premises

Deployment option flexibility with the ability to easily transition if requirements change

Ecosystem of Enterprise Technology Integrations

Open API framework to integrate with existing systems, and the only RSA Ready Technology Partner officially certified

Deepest Knowledge, Research and Consulting Support

Largest & Fastest Growing Dedicated Global Team

Co-headquartered across the EU and US with global multi-lingual team approaching 150 and product in over 30 languages

Deep Privacy Research and Ongoing Updates

Knowledge powered by regulators, lawyers, privacy professionals, and dedicated research teams

Global Consulting, Training, and Privacy Experts

Large team of privacy professionals, legal experts, technical delivery and project management experts available globally

SmartPrivacy Global Training Workshops & Partners

Largest offering of global workshops in the privacy management industry and global network of law firm and consultant partners

Powering Tools for IAPP Members

Free version of readiness, PIA, data mapping and cookie compliance tools for IAPP global community