Universal Consent and Preference Management

Demonstrate Consent Compliance Through Automation

Relevant GDPR Articles

  -  Article 4: Definitions

  -  Article 7: Conditions for Consent

  -  Article 12: Transparent information, communication and modalities for the exercise of the rights of the data subject


Automate Data Subject Consent Management

Article 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines specific conditions must be met for consent to be considered valid. There can be multiple versions of data subjects' consent that must be documented and demonstrable. Consent requests must be clearly explained and in plain language. And, the data subject must be able to easily withdraw consent.

Articles 4(11) and 12(1) apply to consent by establishing the validity of consent. Data controllers or processors need to provide concise, transparent, clear, and plain consent language, and the data subjects need to transparently provide their consent.

OneTrust Consent Management Automation

In the event of a regulatory inquiry from a European data protection authority, companies will have to demonstrate consent compliance through record tracking and consent receipts. A record of consent for the processing of personal data is a transactional agreement in which the data subject is already identified as part of the processing. No receipt means no consent.

OneTrust’s Consent Management tool allows organizations to embed consent management directly into their website, devices, and internal systems by capturing transactions in a standardized way. Additionally, it provides access to data subjects to allow withdrawal, and maintain internal records of consent. 


Defining Consent Types and Processes

Define the Consent Process

Create consent types based on specific business processes that require consent. Define the data it collects, such as name, contact information, device details and more, as well as the consent message to the user.

Collect and Document Consent

Capture Consent Transaction

Use the OneTrust Consent SDK to embed a receipt engine into organization websites, emails, and mobile applications to automatically generate receipts based on user actions. Catalog paper-based consent through bulk importing of files into the OneTrust tool.

Enable Data Subjects to Exercise Rights

Respond to Data Subjects

Build a consent receipt portal for users to view, amend, or withdraw consent transactions. Set limits for consent to automatically expire. Embed consent management directly into your organization’s website, devices, and internal systems by capturing transactions in a standardized way. Provide access to data subjects to allow withdrawal, and maintain internal records of consent. 

Technology Integration

Integrate Business Systems & Tools

Integrate OneTrust's Consent module into existing business applications that capture consent like Salesforce, WordPress, and Outlook. Automatically populate these consent transaction receipts into the OneTrust tool for centralized management and inventory.

Reports and Metrics

Generate Consent Reports

OneTrust helps you maintain a complete record of data subject consent activities in order to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations. Export a full history report of audit trails and changelogs for any data subject's consent to streamline internal and external audits.

Why OneTrust Consent Management?

  • Deep regulatory guidance-based privacy research, reporting, and built-in templates
  • Option for self-service deployment or additional support from OneTrust implementation team
  • Fully scalable solution for small and medium businesses to large multinational enterprises
  • Multi-lingual product translated by OneTrust’s in-house, privacy-trained localization team
  • Flexible and modular pricing structure to meet program maturity and budgetary uncertainties
  • Out-of-the-box ready solution with a highly tailorable and customizable platform
  • Deployment flexibility in EU cloud, US cloud, or on-premises with the ability to migrate
  • Available as stand-alone module or as part of OneTrust’s comprehensive and integrated platform
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