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Comprehensive Enterprise Privacy Management Software to Operationalize GDPR Compliance and Privacy by Design

What We Do

PIA & DPIA Automation

Subject Access Request Portal

 Customize and distribute business-friendly questionnaires, review gaps, track mitigating activities, and generate the appropriate record keeping reports.

Consent Management

Vendor Risk Management

Incident & Breach Management

Data Mapping Automation

Benchmark organizational readiness with questionnaires, prioritize requirements for compliance, and provide executive-level visibility with detailed reports.

 Leverage scanning and questionnaire workflows to generate and maintain an evergreen data inventory with visual cross border data flow maps.

Capture data subject requests directly within a web form linked on your privacy policy, and maintain records of fulfilling requests based on regulation specific requirements.

Website Scanning & Cookie Compliance

Track granular transactions of consent, provide access to data subjects to allow withdrawal of consent, and maintain internal records to respond to regulatory inquiries.

 Scan websites continuously against a database of 5.5M cookies, and easily manage visitor consent and preferences with banner and policy generator.

Maintain a central inventory of vendors, data transfers and legal and contractual obligations with ability to continually audit for vendor security and risk evaluations.

Readiness & Accountability Tool

Maintain incident and breach records, evaluate against notification requirements, and analyze overall risk with connections to underlying data inventory.

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