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Data Inventory & Mapping

What We Do

Use questionnaire workflow plus intelligent network scanning to discover identities and data flows. Generate and maintain a central register of assets and processing activities to meet GDPR article 30 requirements. Visually map cross-border data flows for actionable insights.

Vendor Risk Management

Incident and Breach Management

Subject Rights Request Management

Cookie Compliance

Automated Identity and Data Discovery

Comply with EU Cookie Laws by automatically scanning websites for tracking technologies and managing consent from visitors.

Comprehensive Enterprise Privacy Management Software to Operationalize Compliance and Privacy by Design

Maintain a central picture of vendors, data transfers, and associated legal obligations. Integrate with existing vendor and contract management tools, or use OneTrust standalone. Distribute, re-audit, and track follow up items for vendor security and risk evaluations.

Privacy Shield

Certify to Privacy Shield and APEC CBPR to publicly show your commitment to strong privacy practices.

Maintain records of incidents and breaches or privacy in your organization. Evaluate incidents against notification requirements to DPAs and Data Subjects and maintain linkage between incidents and your underlying data inventory to analyse overall risk.

Capture subject rights requests including complaints, questions, portability, erasure, and access request. Automatically capture requests directly from a form linked to your privacy policy, and maintain records of fulfilling requests based on granular compliance requirements in GDPR and other privacy laws.

Assessment Automation

Automate the creation, distribution, and analysis of PIA, DPIA, Subject Requests, Vendor Risk Assessments, and Incident Reports

Integrate OneTrust into your identity sources and networks to discover data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will identify and categorize identities and data flows.

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